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A modest traffic proposal — 27 Comments

  1. We need another route out of Sooke. (I always thought a floating bridge across Billing Spit to E Sooke. You can almost walk across there somedays.)

    • It already is gone. Sooke road use to be a nice drive, but with all the traffic now, there is too much congestion and accidents. Something needs to be done.

    • First, slowing down further on a 60km/h road is going to make congestion worse. Second, with the growth of Sooke the highway is already lagging behind and and will be a gridlock in ten years. There’s no enjoying any drive when you’re bumper to bumper.

    • Funny it never seems that busy when I drive it…then again I don’t commute…If you do…you knew what you were in for before moving here!

    • Paul I’m not sure when you drive, but its not uncommon to be stuck in a lime of traffic going 40km either way. For those that have moved put recently, yes the commute is something to take into consideration. For those of us that grew up out here, its just steadily getting worse. Ten more years and its going to be insane. One accident as it is prevents the entire town coming back during rush hour

  2. I like the idea, we need to do something and fast. Every year it gets worse. But I think the road belongs to the province as it is a highway.

  3. Make one lane each way a public transport only lane (or at minimum, a carpool one). If people could be guaranteed to be at work on time when taking the bus… they’d be taking the bus. Gradually increase frequency of buses going as the rest of the highway clears up for everyone else. It works everywhere else, don’t see why it shouldn’t on the Island.

  4. How about a secondary road access behind 17 mile house to harbour view road. Isn’t there an old cart road or something back there already??

  5. Great suggestion but, two lanes beyond the “Sookahalla” would be winding and dangerous. If drivers drove at “Sookahalla” speeds we would have many, many more accidents driving up ICBC costs and rates even more. Also, we just achieved paved shoulders making it safer for cyclists. It would take considerable widening to add and additional lane and keep paved shoulders. We need an entirely new route, starting from the 4 lane “Sookeahalla” and following the Hydro line right away. However, this will only happen when we have a dramatic increase in population and number of commuters.

    • U r the only one here that I agree with. This has been suggested so many times & even if possible would not be done for years. Not a priority.

  6. They have done this a great deal in Northern Ontario. Lots of rocks and trees there and it seems to work, but I have never reviewed their literature. Have driven it a few times without issue. It would require a lot of blasting on 14 and a new Road may be more cost efficient with fewer construction delays and traffic accidents resulting.

  7. #DividedBy14
    Sooke Road needs improvements to make access to and from our town safe and hassle free. Sooke is a unique microcosm of everything Vancouver Island has to offer from mountains, rivers and lakes to camping, trails, wilderness escapes, the ocean, the harbour…All we do not have is a ski hill! And think, All of this is less than an hour from the Provincial Capital. No reason why any Victorian should be trekking to Tofino or Campbell River when Sooke has it all.

  8. Ride Sharing is the answer! There are applications already written that the municipality could purchase that has all the bells and whistles and safe guards for the participants. If people are worried about security most people have a phone that they use to record who they are riding with, etc. As the roads are packed from 6am to 9am and 3pm to 6 pm there is definitely someone going into town at the same time as most people where rides could be shared. Most cars only have one person in them and could carry 4. Imagine if the traffic were reduced to one car for every 4 people. Do we want to waste our tax dollars on expanding roads when the money could be used for more buses or light transit? Smaller electric and driverless cars will be the majority soon that will require less roads. And what about the loss of the green aesthetic? The people living near the roads will have to put up with more fumes and noise. Less cars on the road would mean fewer accidents and if you have someone in the car with you, you are less likely to fall asleep and drive off the road. People who work in town would get to know more people in their community! My dream is to have 2 tracks running either way with grass and plant going right up to these tracks where a passenger container silently runs!

  9. this is not feasible & has been asked many times with the same result. Property rights/infringement would be extremely costly & there isn’t enough space for that. People continue to speed excessively as it is & would be even more aggressive which would cause more accidents. People need to learn how to slow down & drive to their capabilities & that of their vehicles.

  10. If you take a balanced look at the CRD transportation network, Sooke Rd can be compared to West Saanich Rd. A new Sooke highway could be compared to the Pat Bay Highway. A new highway is feasible, and it will be built. The question is when. So.. anyone with nostalgia or an interest in slower speed can stick to Sooke Rd. when the new highway is completed. Hopefully the fall report will provide a timeline.