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BC Ferries butts out: Smoke-free travel begins on January 22, 2018 — 12 Comments

  1. That’ll be awesome for making angry people who are forced to quit smoking waiting for two-three sailing waits!! At least give a smoking area in the terminal!!

  2. If we arent allowed to stay in our vehicles is bc ferries going to be responsible for things that might get stolen or damaged as no one will be on the lower deck ? Or will they have more bc ferrie workers to watch over the deck ?

  3. Even as a non smoker I think that’s a little much. Outside on a smoking deck doesn’t bother me.

    I also heard about not being able to stay in your car in lower decks – I like napping in my car or just being anti social – I understand the risk in case there is an emergency but if I was travelling with pets or my baby that’s napping why disrupt us for 90 min?

    • Totally agree! And I can’t be the only one with a physical disability that means I can’t sit on those hard seats for that long. My legs wouldn’t work well enough to drive off the damm boat if I had to!

  4. How can we guarantee you won’t be on a lower deck? I never leave my dogs in the car alone, it’s too hot and noisy. The pet area is disgusting too, no way I’m going to sit in there with 2 dogs and 2 kids for the whole trip. As for the smoking, anyone who can light up outside on the ferry with all that wind deserves their cigarette!

  5. sorry I don’t agree. No I don’t smoke but these are people too and should have rights. There is a designated outdoor place on one if the decks for smoking. What is wrong with that. If you have never smoked don’t pass judgement, it is not so easy for some people to go that long with their smoke. Just the same as people who need their Starbucks etc. Would people like a ban on coffee if the smell of it made other people sick. If you don’t like the smell of smoke stay out of the smoking area. And again I say I DON’T SMOKE

  6. I would suggest that the total smoking ban is in response to their inability to individually stop the smoking of pot on board versus cigarettes. That is my guess.