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Cigarette in bark mulch by RBC extinguished by Sooke Fire Department — 18 Comments

    • The wood mulch is sort of necessary for a garden, if you wanted to grow in rocks, or even have a rock bed as a cover you’re still going to have to fertilize. the idea is the bark chips get broken down by the sun and rain into fertilizer for the plants, which is generally not eco friendly

  1. I think it’s unfair to call the landscapers idiots or stupid. Save the harsh judgment for the person who threw the butt on the ground. Having said that, rocks would be a better choice for public areas.

  2. What the hell. Cigarettes are little bits of fire – why is that hard to understand? Lit 5 minutes ago with a flame – smoking, fire, fire, smoke, smoking. Word association … jeez.

  3. I agree that it is not good that smokers toss their butts. But with all the focus on fire smart and fire prevention, bark mulch is the go to mulch for flower gardens around businesses and roadside gardens. Most of these gardens have sprinklers that are only directed to the plants. Meanwhile the cedar wood chips get drier and drier. Smokers by nature are in denial. There will always be butt tossers. Education along with prevention will go a long ways to solving the endless bark mulch fire calls.

  4. So sad we need to remind people to fully extinguish their cigarette butts … and why the H would you put it your butt into a bark mulch garden bed! It’s a shame that common sense doesn’t exist anymore!
    You would think with all of the fires, past and present topped with the current dry conditions, a person might stop and think about their actions.

  5. I really don’t want to go through another fire thanks very much. It took 2 1/2 yrs to get a nice new building. People pls be more careful

  6. this is something to worry about, last year i walked to the Castle for some beer, from Philips to the Castle there was a but every 6 inches on the side of the road, what is with people, and at the Spit,for every dog shit there is a cigarette but, and thats a no smoke area