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Committee of the Whole meeting sets district priorities — 4 Comments

  1. If Sun River residents want a bridge…let the development pay for it…not tax payers! Sooke has many more important projects…like roads and sidewalks!

  2. “Kasper is looking to release historic in-camera (behind closed doors) documentation after 10 years. Kasper would like to see more information out to the public.” – How about, and stay with me here… don’t have a bunch of in-camera meetings in the first place!

  3. The developers certainly wouldn’t pay for a pedestrian bridge. A bridge would make sense so kids could just walk to school without environmental damage and cost (having to take the bus), as well safety reasons and connecting our communities. However, don’t forget Paul, the residents of Sun River pay a big chunk of change in their own taxes too that goes towards other Sooke projects too,including road improvements and sidewalks. It all goes into the same pot. It’s kind of like saying a bridge in SunRiver wouldn’t make sense, because you wouldn’t use it, and me saying sidewalks on Grant Road makes no sense, because it’s not in my neighborhood and I would never walk it…you know? Just a thought.

  4. It’s interesting what becomes the priorities when looking back all the money was spent on frivolous things not even on the list. Why are we spending $1.6 MILLION on an artificial turf field when we don’t have a proper Community hall or Senior Centre?
    And Staff and Council don’t want to listen to the public so there won’t be any committees.
    Election coming up, better make it look like they are doing something.
    Hope Councillor Reay doesn’t get a trip to look at sewers in Europe when she is not running next term.