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Entitled parking — 11 Comments

    • Angela Conklin..nothing exaggerated about the situation. Guessing that you don’t have any 11-13 year olds to worry about. Given the inattentive drivers, speeders and just plain poor driving habits of some that operate a ton of metal, It is inappropriate to take away the sidewalk that kids, handicap or the elderly use and need for their safety. And..trust me..if your kid got hit, killed,or seriously injured..it bloody Would be the end of your world…as you infer!

  1. These people seem to think they can park wherever they feel like it, just because they have a little orange cone..!!! They rarely if ever, consider other people, and have even blocked the view of drivers to be able to see oncoming traffic when pulling out at a stop sign or side road..! They should be fined when they chose to be so inconsiderate. It’s only common sense…then again, you know the saying “common sense isn’t so common nowadays”.

  2. bin there, when the round about was under construction. there was more flaggers than workers, and they were staring into space, no direction just staring into space, wake them up

  3. Just tonight when I was out walking with my dogs on west Eustace, I had to get out of the way so that a person could park her truck on the sidewalk, there was lots of street parking, but she parked on the sidewalk.