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Lessons from Iceland for Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island and Sooke — 2 Comments

  1. Following up in support of Iceland’s assertions, we have Harvard publishing an article on the talk from Amory Lovins who does not believe that the idea of a fossil fuel-free vision is utopian — actually its already here and real.
    “”In a talk at the Kennedy School on Tuesday, physicist Amory Lovins outlined a path to a clean-energy future in the United States, one marked by “reinventing fire” through efficiency in things we already do, cost-saving innovation in green technology, and regulatory changes.
    That future, Lovins said, would see the U.S. economy growing by 158 percent by 2050, even as it saves some $5 trillion over business as usual. It would see the country’s greenhouse gas emissions fall by 80 percent as coal, oil, and nuclear power are phased out.
    “Long ago, fire made us human, then fossil fuels made us modern. Now we need a new fuel that makes us safe, secure, healthy, and durable,” Lovins said. “That turns out to be feasible and, in fact, cheaper than what we are doing.””


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