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Letter: Anyone know it’s call Sooke and not T’Sou-ke? — 8 Comments

  1. It has been called Sooke because that’s the English/white version of the proper name.

  2. From what I’ve heard and read, it’s literally just anglicisation. That’s it. Easier to pronounce, spell, and find on a map. Not necessarily better, but that’s the soul reason.

  3. I suspect the anglicization theory is correct. Quite likely the same reason Nanaimo is not Snuneymuxw…

    On the bright side, at least they kept the general idea of the name, rather than changing it to something completely different (eg: Uluru –> Ayers Rock or Denali –>Mount McKinley)

  4. It probably goes back to a time before written language. The linguists then tried to phoneticize the sounding into English and this is what we got. I don’t think there was an original spelling.