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LETTER: Disability clawback is a disgrace, embarrassing. Perhaps Clark should heed her own words, uttered when she was in opposition — 4 Comments

  1. Demeaning, patronizing, and belittling is the attitude that I hear being used each and every time I hear the Liberal Government saying that they are offering adults with disabilities the right to a choice. I must be confused because I always thought the right to choice was already theirs. How sad that in fact apparently I was wrong. However please help me as I am still confused. What choice have they given them? I keep hearing this wonderful Liberal Government stating that they are giving them the right to choice. Again, What choice?
    Delphine Charmley very eloquently has layed this nightmare out for all to see. Please continue to circulate this letter of hers. It makes sense. It is based in reality. It is based on facts. It is based on the truth, which is something that I believe this Liberal party hasn’t seen in a long time. This Liberal Government needs to stop this claw back. Shame on them.

  2. It should be clear to all by now that Clark & Co. are solely interested in doing everything which helps no one but themselves, their past/future private employers/corporate campaign contributors and other associates, friends, and relatives.
    Greed, fraud, dishonesty, and arrogance is all we see and get.
    Petitions, letters, protests by the people of British Columbia are all ignored, but not deals with Malaysian dictators/murderers and energy corporations which are destroying the Earth.
    This is not the behavior of honest, caring people, but of sociopaths and psychopaths; greed is an illness.
    They belong in a different institution than the Leg; a psychiatric institution, where they are kept away from society and thus are not able to hurt people and all other living beings. There they can hang out with Dick Cheney, Donal Rumsfeld, Henry “I’m Hillary’s friend” Kissinger, Stephen Harper, and all the other crooks and scoundrels.
    As that is unlikely to happen, it is then incumbent upon us all to VOTE THE LIBERALS OUT in the next election.
    Let’s hope the continued destruction of BC’s ecosystems and Indigenous lands can be kept to a minimum in the meantime.

  3. Maureen Pineau · Vancouver Island University

    Michelle Stillwell, Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation: I have just read your article with much interest. What a wonderful Minister you are and I am just thrilled with your Liberal Government and this new way that you have come up with to save a buck. Im not the brightest person here in BC But I love the way all of your minds think. I think I will apply this as a rule of thumb to help me raise my children. Lets see now, Hmm, If I have one child born that is able to communicate easily by speaking but loves to write his ideas then I will buy him a paper and pencil. Then if I have another child that cannot speak verbally and uses an electronic communication board to speak and communicate then I will buy him his electronic communication board. Then this is where your lesson of evening the playing field (bringing fairness) comes in. Next I will give both the children a small increase in their allowance, however I will let the child who only needs the paper and pencil know that he may keep his whole allowance and I will let the child who needs an electronic communication board know that this has always cost more than his brothers paper and pencil and thats just not fair so now he must give me back 67% of his allowance as he must now learn to pay for his electronic communication board. However I will be sure to tell him that he has the right to choice. He can choose the electronic communication board and a few dollars or he can choose not to have a communication board and keep his whole allowance. After all I am going to be a fair mom. REALLY MICHELLE STILWELL, …REALLY CHRISTY CLARK,..REALLY LIBERAL GOVERNMENT…What a dreadful mom I would be. Im sure that MCFD would coming banging on my door and remove the child that required the electronic communication board to a home where he would not be consequeced . so I could even the playing field. Michelle Stilwell, you have been put in the position of supporting adults with disabilities or special needs. 55,000 of your 100,000 clients use the bus. They go to school, they go to work, they go to the dr. dentist, or where ever they may need to go. They visit friends, or perhaps some of them are lonely and they bus down town just to be around other people. Yes, each and everyone uses their pass for their own reasons. however with out this bus pass we will have up to 55,000 British Columbians living in isolation. Are you proud yet Michelle Stilwell? No way to get to the Doctors means further health problems, No way to get to work means that something that we all feel gives us value won’t be available to these people. After all they could have spent the month standing in line at the food bank to get enough to feed them. They could have done that and saved that food money for their bus pass to get to work that month. Of course they would lose the right to choose a few of the foods that they know would help to keep them healthy but what the heck…at least they had the choice. All your $77.00 a month gives to these individules is the chance to perhaps buy a few healthy foods. or gosh just perhaps instead of wishing they could see a movie..they just could..or maybe they could open their cupboard a few days before check day and still have a few cons of food there instead of the empty cupboard your government has forced them to see because of no raise in their tiny check in 9 years. everything has gone up except their check. My God, please give your heads a shake and think. Wrong is wrong. Bringing shame to our province is no way to leave your mark on British Columbia. A fair parent makes sure that each child has what they require to have the best quality of life available. They do not take from a child that needs something to improve the quality of life for that child so their other children can be treated fairly. They ensure that they do their best to meet the needs of all their children. Perhaps Michelle Stilwell, you could take a lesson from that. Perhaps instead of making things fair by clawing back monies from individules who really need it you could look at the other 45000 people you tell us that dont take a bus and see what this Government could do to improve the quality of their lives. I don’t imagine that they feel very proud that you are taking from 55000 other people who really need it so they can all be on the same playing field. ( bringing fairness to our system shouldn’t hurt or inpoverish 55,000 people with disabilities

  4. This is a good article, Delphine. I would like to mention too that the BC Liberal government has pushed PWDs over the brink by raising hydro prices by 28%–a bankrupt company they are trying to save to keep Christy’s coffers overflowing. Second, for anybody believing that PWDs are ’wrapped in supports’ like Michele Stilwell repeats monotonously, this is simply not true! We get basic dental, which is only $1K every two years. Thirdly, we do NOT get free physio, eye exams, therapeutic massage, or chiropractor sessions. We used to get ten visits per year. However, that was changed and most now have a $35-$50 user fee attached; yes, this shuts out PWDs, unless you have friends or a family who can help. Four, I have rheumatoid arthritis and need a cane, and multiple braces for knees, wrists, ankles, elbows, and even for my neck (after a car crash). As these now run anywhere from $31.00 to $120.00, I am incapable of getting anything, which limits my mobility and jeopardizes my health. Five, with the new opioid restrictions, people in severe chronic pain have to suffer, plain and simple. As stated above, we have no access to other services to help with pain. Any of those services could make a huge difference to a suffered like me but it is not possible. Lastly, from 2007-2008, the food prices in Vancouver rose 58%, which shot even higher when the Olympics started in 2010 until present day.