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LETTER: Sooke must step up its game; it’s time to grow up — 73 Comments

  1. I also think a small hospital similar to the one in tofino might be a good idea as our town as it is full of sinors, and young families expecting. This would reduce the stress on VGH and RJH, reduce the commute for.ambulances and also bring very valuable jobs into the community.

  2. No big box stores but let’s bring some other ideas to Sooke.
    An outdoor climbing wall an obstacle course, mini golf we need to keep our families in Sooke doing activities. We need a salad bar please somebody open up a salad bar, I’ll eat their everyday!

  3. A few things:
    1) the letter says nothing about big box stores, so I don’t see why people jump to that conclusion right away. Sooke is to isolated for them. Langford is a short trip from downtown and the peninsula (excluding rush hour). So it won’t happen.
    2) it’s more than evident that there is a divide between “old sooke” and “new sooke” – even if some politicians claim there isn’t.
    3) development can be smart and can please both groups.
    4) too many personal agendas on council so it will never work. Rather than a balanced plan it will be a hod podge of half measures and failed attempts.
    5) get use to having half the streets without sidewalks, the other half with 5 different sidewalk styles. Intersections that dont align properly (the bypass/2nd route/connector, church & sooke, etc) 7 different street light designs. Random green spaces because of left of slivers of land that can’t be developed or used property. And my personal favourite: developments that get rubber stamped without a second look while others are intentionally delayed.

  4. Big Box stores won’t happen in Sooke any time this century I guess. For a start there is not the population density to support a big box store. After all, the corporations that own such stores also know full well a high opercentage of Sooke residents commute past Langford every day. So, adding a box box store to Sooke would not generate any more business because the Sooke customers would be the same customers that used to shop in Langford switching to Sooke because it’s closer. The customer base would remain very much the same, so there is no logic in opening big box store in Sooke.

    I agree with some points Michael Leonard raised above. Be careful what you wish for. If Big box stores did arrive in Sooke you would see a number of smaller local businesses disappear from the core as they would be unable to compete on pricing.

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