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Living Wage in the CRD hovers around $20/hour — 12 Comments

    • Not nearly enough. And yet its still “completely inequetable” to make things in our country, corporations say. Kind of drives home how badly the people making all the stuff the vast majority dosnt have enough money to buy are treated, eh?

  1. Many jobs not just kids at McDonald’s get crappy wages because wages are tied to minimum wage, at one time a person with 10 or more years of experience at a retail or grocery store job could support a family, now it would take 2 people to make a similar income level, because minimum wage never rose through years of inflation, although government and union jobs did rise with it.
    Now many jobs in traditional higher paying jobs like grocery stores are higher wage but part time to avoid benefits!

  2. The minimum wage will never be enough. 50 years ago it was less than 2.00 and with inflation through the years it will be 20.00. Wont buy anymore than 2.00 did 50 years ago. To make more money, you have to get a better job through education, or work experience…!

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