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Poverty in Sooke, a very hidden problem — 10 Comments

  1. excellent reporting. we toured the food bank and were very impressed with their work.

  2. it’s wonderful that there is help for those who really need it,but i personally know of people that are to lazy to work and find it easy to feed off of the generosity of others, pretty sad don’t you think

    • I have helped at the Food Bank for some time. There will always be some people that will need a helping hand forever. I am thankful that I am not one of them. As well, there are those to whom circumstance has struck a blow from which they will recover. Those people need short term help. There may be some who do take advantage, but I do not think there are many who fall in that last group. Some of those who have been given help, in turn, extend that help to others. That is what creates a community worth living in. Sooke is such a community.

  3. Excellent reporting and the coverage of poverty in our own backyards is appreciated. This is a global problem too of course, and one that gets ignored in other countries as well — until we see events such as Brexit, Occupy or Black Lives Matter marches and we are reminded how very real and substantial is the gap between the rich and poor, which is widening.

    Most people who are in need would rather not be, and are in the position because of circumstances and not by choice. While there may be a few lazy folks here and there, the number is around 3% of those that accept such assistance, on average — and we shouldn’t let the 97% who really needed it suffer because of the 3%.

    Its as shame that we have so many poor in Sooke and many wouldn’t need to be getting assistance. However, the sad truth is that there is little attention or care given to economic development, and raising the standard of living and creating more jobs. The politicians we elect are indifferent to such, and are reflective of the community’s attitude towards developing economically as well.

  4. A lady on another site told me about sooke bottle depot accepting donations for the food bank. You drop off, they sort and donate. Very easy 🙂