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Provincial government won’t support Victoria’s Commonwealth Games bid — 12 Comments

  1. I totally agree that ramping up our sports facilities for the Commonwealth Games is not something we should do until we’ve taken care of the other needs listed. It does make sense to support all our athletes and recreational players to develop their skills. I mean maintaining, upgrading and adding to our existing sports facilities. For example, putting in the all weather field at Fred Milne so more kids have more fun playing there. Maybe the committee and various levels of government can help our local athletes and BC athletes who are contenders hone their skills and help them get to the games wherever they are held. Amateur athletics is expensive for the competitors as well as the host communities at the international competition level.

  2. For a bill of almost One Billion Dollars!! I should hope not. Our forests are being destroyed, we have housing shortages throughout the province, the list goes on, and someone wants to spend that kind of money on a 10 (10) day event???? Give your head a shake!

  3. An event that only the locals could attend because everyone else lives too far, but everyone would have to pay for it through taxes. There are more important needs to be met with the money it would cost. That tax money would be better spent into health, education, the drug crisis, homelessness, etc. Kudos to the government for refusing the games, unlike the Libs who would jump at it to stuff their rich buddies’ pockets.