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Public oppose cell towers — 12 Comments

  1. something new??…we must resist at all costs for no actual reason. We need to keep Sooke technologically, commercially and industrially behind everyone else as the future progresses

    • perhaps I could pass your name on to the cell phone tower people and let them know you wouldn’t mind a tower on your property. Also, great that you were at the meeting.

  2. This is an exercise in cognitive dissonance.
    Public: “Our cell bills are too high – we need more competition!”
    Competition: “Great, we’re here – just need to set up some towers”
    Public: “We don’t want competition after all!”

  3. This confirms my belief that local crazies are the only ones who attend these meetings.
    Maybe phone a few people in Sooke and take a poll? Don’t let a minority of fools with nothing better to do on a Monday night decide what’s best for Sooke!

    • your comments are meaningless. You were not at the meeting. Those that were at the meeting were not crazies. They were caring, well-educated people.

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