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Public question Sooke mayor about Kemp Lake access, and abandoned building permit process — 2 Comments

  1. Kemp Lake lies right on the District of Sooke boundary but I think if you look at the mapping, the whole lake and its foreshore are in the JdF Electoral Area. Nevertheless, all area residents have an interest in the lake. Except for Mr. Brohman’s fear that more people will use the access for recreation if it is developed for recreation, I think his concerns are unfounded. The plan, as I understand it, is to enhance and formalize existing uses. People swim, picnic, and fish from that access. People park on Manatu Road. The plan is to make clear and clean the picnic area,separate it from the boat launch, and improve parking. There is actually a third public access point on the lake but, as is common, it is really hard to get to and therefore not well known and is little used. Often such obscure sites are lost to the public as adjacent property owners lose track of who owns what. I am pleased that the public access on Milligan will be enhanced for public use.

    • John has his driveway on that access and it will be reduced signifigantly. He is concerned that a reasonable public process has not been done including a letter to his address for his comments. You are usualy a champion of this process Heather so I am very sad to see you on the wrong side of this. I hope you put yourself in John’s shoes and see the unjust process with this. Pretend it is your driveway and come up with the same opinion..?

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