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Sooke mayor may travel to Europe for a sewer study tour — 37 Comments

  1. I fail to see the use of a mayor OR a council member go on this trip, with a year left in the term I hope if they do go the public remembers this come next election.

  2. Let’s get with technology people, how about one of their people wears a Go Pro and you guys watch the action on a big videoconference screen right here in Sooke, maybe there is a conference room you can use at the Prestige Hotel??

  3. Howard Elder daid this in the early 60s spending his own money to advise Sòoke what would be good. Nobody listened then. Nothing has changed except the handling of the money.

  4. Perhaps she would like to stay in Sooke & look after some of the problems here.
    Will she be paying for any of this vacation??

  5. The purpose of the tour to gather information and develop understanding makes sense, however, I’m left with questions. Other than the stated purpose, what is the quantifiable output/product of this tour? Who is telling you that Europe is leading the world in this technology and what is that judgement based on? Are you planning on bringing companies in from Europe to build a new treatment centre? Is this some way for you to figure out which companies should be asked to make a quote/proposal for this project?

  6. Why don’t they just hop over to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast and have a look at their world class environmentally sustainable waste treatment facility . Lot less expensive. PS … don’t talk to the current mayor though, talk to the visionary mayor John Henderson. Don’t understand why it is necessary to travel to Europe when tgere is excellent technology here in Canada. Waste of taxpayer money.

  7. Just a point of clarification … from the article,

    “Sooke mayor Maja Tait is the Chair of the IRM Advisory Committee; as its Chair, she will be on the study tour, along with other directors, staff and consultants.”

    Tait will be going, as she is the chair of the IRM advisory capacity. This is a CRD thing, not a District of Sooke thing.

    -Britt / SPN

  8. I bet if the tour was in some far off hell hole w/ no tourist attractions, she would not be going,, typical government waste,, piss on our legs and tell us it’s raining..

    • I agree, the sewer containment tax for other municipalities will be paying for her trip. Not Sooke.

  9. Have a nice vacation Maja. Send us a post card explaining to Sooke voters why you needed to tour Europe to study something that has much more detailed information on line than you’ll ever get on this taxpayer paid vacation. The word shame comes to mind.

  10. Bloody Waste of money. You can find out all you want on the internet or go to the LIBRARY. Need a question answered, email the company. Really?

  11. Sending expertise to purchase the most efficient system could be conceded as useful. Going there for the smell and feel test as how it would fit into a neighborhood makes no sense. Why? Because the neighborhood it is going into is the Hartland dump.

  12. And here we go again,,,,,, more careless spending by the crd,,,,,, I’ve built more then my share of waste water treatment plants,theres no secret formula to building one, so to the wasteful a holes at the CRD,,,,
    I say Just fuckin get on with it