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Sooke Road resident wants someone to stop bringing his dogs to the CRD pound — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you people for picking up loose dogs, be it in a driveway or whatever, no one knows what an animal will do when close to the road. Ask people who have hit deer, raccoon, cats, squirrels or dogs. Loose animals create a danger to the drivers and themselves. Perhaps the owner could somehow contain animals at the top of the driveway and not at the bottom. Everyone wins but the CRD.

  2. Sorry – anybody irresponsible enough to let dogs run loose on a property by the highway doesn’t deserve to have them.

  3. Thank you for picking up these dogs. Irresponsible of the owner to leave animals run loose. Someone may pick them up to use as bait dogs. Very sad for the dogs.

    • This has been going on for a long time. Im surprised the dogs are still alive. We had to stop on the highway about a year ago because of a dog on the road. We went up the driveway with the dog to return it to the owner and got rude comments. This guy needs to get some fencing! Id have thought the SPCA would have taken them away by now. nice sign though.

  4. Here we go…..three stupid comments from opinionated nosey people, who once again overstep their boundaries of how they feel what is acceptable for other people’s pets on their property. I find it amazing the only problem this guy has is people picking up his animals. Happy, clean, well fed, dogs with a forest to roam around on……what a terrible manleave the guys frickin animals alone.

  5. They have these fancy contraptions.. actually they have had them for years… its called a Fence.If the Roadside part of “the” property was fenced.. neither of these discussion would be happening. People’s animals, be it Dog/Cat/Horse/Giraffe… whatever.. do not have unrestricted unsupervised access to a public road. You wouldn’t let your 3 year old do it.. why your pet?

  6. please everyone, if you see a dog feet from the highway and its loose: take it to the pound, specifically but not including in and around this sign. Thank you.