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Traffic stalls on Sooke Road because of work by BC Hydro — 68 Comments

  1. Left Sunriver at 11:30 a.m heading towards Westshore Mall, by 12:15 p.m, I only made it to the Shell station where I could see the BC Hydro sign saying work would go on until 3:00 pm. Turned around at the first opportunity knowing that I would be stuck in the same traffic only longer on the way back. A warning sign by the High School would have been great, but they probably didn’t expect a 5 km traffic jam. Never made it to the new Westshore Parkway which was supposed to open today to improve traffic flow. Ironic!

  2. An hour to Langford and an hour 1/2 to get back ! would sure have liked it if the sign that told us Hydro would be working today and it will take at least an hour to get into Langford !! Rude !

  3. They have given lots of warning and the work needs to be desperatly done. The location in this photo is where a power serge happned just over a month ago and sparks flew from the lines and landed along the embankment you see in the photo. I was there at the time and the grass caught on fire. Thankfully the fire dep. and passerbys put the fire out.

  4. This was insane. I sailed through heading into Langford but noticed traffic was backed well past Connie Rd. Did hydro even realize the impact this was going to have?

    My thoughts:
    -This type of work should be done at nighttime.
    -They needed to have a flagger at Gillespie/Sooke to allow those poor folks to turn off.

  5. we were stuck in it this morning, about 1/2 hour wait, late for a doctor’s appointment in Langford, the sign warning people of the road work was maybe 100 yards before the work, but the sign at the Sookehalla warned people incoming to Sooke, the Municipality could have used social media to warn people of this and I don’t mean the day of I mean a few days ahead of time, honestly, it’s the only road in and out of Sooke except going thru Port Renfrew

    • The signs have been up for days saying when the work was taking place and what time. There was ample opportunity for those of us who travel in and out of town to prepare for this work and the delays. It’s one day, and the work needs to be done.

  6. And that is why there should be a minimum of one additional (center turn lane) lane so work on the side of the road doesn’t shut things down like that!

    An hour to get to Langford and I intentionally stayed in town longer than initially planned so I wouldn’t be stuck on the return as well.

  7. It wasn’t that bad… They gave us plenty of warning… Its 1 day… Went through it twice, took 20 mins to get through going down and 30 mins back. Could of been a lot worst… And I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have to run to the bathroom every 5 mins and even I’m not complaining… They did a great job today

  8. I was stuck in it. Didn’t catch any of the warnings but I wasn’t too phased by it. It is Canada. We have winter and construction. That includes construction of hydro lines. Finished before rush hour was smart and thoughtful too.

  9. We bitch for everything to get repaired, upgraded or replaced….then we bitch when it’s getting done. Do it during the day and everyone wines about it, do it during the night and everyone wines about it. So…let’s just deal with it and move on with more crucial things in life to worry about then waaaaa it took me an hour longer to get home. No cares given

  10. The wait wasn’t really a big deal. Seeing how the flag crew didn’t handle the flow of traffic evenly was kinda lame. When inbound sooke traffic is backed up to the 17 while the outbound traffic was backed up to only Stoney ( Ayum ) creek … that’s pretty dumb.

  11. Still try driving around in Toronto I could deal with Sooke rd. Anytime atleast your looking at trees and birds and other beautiful Sooke surroundings here you see crack dealers crack heads freaks and you got to sit low in your car so’s not to catch a stray bullet

  12. Backed up 4 miles there is no reason if you have an open lane .they had only 400 feet max to go around could have been accomplished a lot easier if the three people standing around would have helped the flag personal

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