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For a list of current issues on Highway 14 (if any), click here.

Sooke Traffic Twitter Tell-a-copter

Sooke: (Tweets using the hashtag #bchwy14)

Traffic Cams, updated every time you refresh your screen

Sooke: Sookeahalla, Suyer Road, Hwy 14, between Langford and Sooke near Suyer Rd, looking east. (elevation: 123 metres)

Sooke traffic

NEW!! Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd, looking east. (elevation: 85 metres)

NEW!! Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd, looking west. (elevation: 85 metres)

Sooke: Hwy 14 at Lazzar Rd near Sooke, looking west. (Elevation: 22 metres.)

Sooke: Admirals-McKenzie – E, At Hwy 1 and Admirals (McKenzie St). Looking east. (Elevation: 40 metres)

Sooke: Commuter’s Hell, Admirals-McKenzie – W. At Hwy 1 and Admirals (McKenzie St). Looking west. (Elevation: 40 metres)

Hwy 14 near Cormorant Way/Trailhead Dr, looking east.

On the Twitter Tell-a-copter, updated every time you refresh your screen

Victoria: (Tweets using the hashtag #yyjtraffic)

Visit regularly to find out about Sooke traffic.

  • Live tweets from the fire chief and the District of Sooke on the right
  • Live traffic tweets streamed below, underneath the web cams

Information on issue impacting Sooke commuters is current up-to-the minute.

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