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10 acres lot in Sooke town core has finally sold — 16 Comments

  1. Very sad .
    I know it was inevitable but I love the field with the deer and cows, birds.
    Please keep a bit of the green space.

  2. And the added traffic to an already overloaded street. I can’t get out of my driveway now.

  3. I’m not surprised. Sooke is the 2nd fastest growing community in the CRD, and even made the top 100 in Canada (at 84th, behind greater Vancouver at 79th but ahead of Surrey at 86th). This growth isn’t likely to stop short of an economic crippling housing crash; and not just a bubble pop but a full blown crash. At the same time the things that the community has been asking for for years (sidewalks, street lights, parks, benches, even a senior centre) all require money; and that money comes from taxes; and taxes get paid by people; and people need jobs and places to live.

  4. I see the illegal welding shop has cut down all the trees in front on Sooke road.
    Also seeing the Sooke Disposal sign on the property where Tim Hortons is going. Will there be a garbage dump next door to Tim Hortons?