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2017 Property tax assessments now available — 3 Comments

  1. Mine was up 8.43. The Sooke Average was 8.24%, so in theory my tax could go up slightly if all that was taken into account was the Assessment. I do note that many of the communities in SD62 went up a little more than Sooke, so in theory I could see a slight dip in school taxes. Now this does not take into account any budget increases that the various organizations that rely on property taxes may decide on (local government, school boards, library, hospital, etc.), remember that only about 12 or your property taxes goes to local municipal governments. Nor does it take into account the taxes raised from new construction. So once the various mill rates are set by the various organizations, then we will know the amount of actual tax increase, but IF you are around the average increase of 8.24, the assessment change should have little or no impact.