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642 Cannabis, third pot shop opens in Sooke — 24 Comments

  1. We need a few more. I mean, come on, caffeine is a drug that can cause, dizziness, diarrhea, increased thirst, insomnia, headache, fever, irritability, trouble breathing, vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, chest pain, irregular or fast heartbeat, uncontrollable muscle movements, convulsions and many more awful predicaments. There are at least a dozen places you can buy a cup of coffee around Sooke, not to mention home brew. And since weed is argued to treat most of the crap that coffee does to people, then there should be at least as many weed stores as there are coffee, no?

    • I agree, but do you think it is a good business decision? If you have 3 butchers in a town with a population of Sooke one is bound to go belly up.

  2. anyone who doubts that Sooke uses a lot, just has to read the comments section of any story on SPN

    • Sooo, it sells “medical” marijuana… how come there is no Menu like “Sleep Better”, “Relieve Arthritis Pain”, “Cure Cancer”, “Leave the depression behind”?
      Who are you kidding?