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A land owner is at a crossroad, and a feedlot may be coming to Sooke — 48 Comments

  1. Ridiculous idea. Im sure the Prestige will have something to say about that. Hasn’t anyone on council been anywhere near a feedlot when the rain, mud and smell hits? You can smell it 5 km. Away and it is the smell of rotting stagnant manure in high concentration.

    • I agree Maureen. Let’s create fear and worry while we’re at it: According to Stephanie Davidson, representing the land owner, “it is generally a small area that houses as many cattle that you can fit in so they get fat and do not gain too much muscle mass. It is that last stop before the slaughter house. It is noisy, it is smelly, and it creates vermin and fecal dust.”

    • Happened in Spanish as well. People built all around the farmland, and then suddenly didn’t like the smells and sounds anymore and had the audacity to boot out the farmer who was always there.

  2. Personally, I am against feed lots on a moral level never mind the zoning, etc. question. One good thing is it might bring this horrible practice to the attention of residents and more people may speak against it! I’m all for farms but feed lots are not farming!

  3. Unfortunately it’s their property and under the rules if the ALT they can do what they want.
    Vanderkerkove took down over 5000 trees across from VGH to plant hay. He was pissed off the a sewage treatment plant wasn’t approved for his property

  4. There will never be a feed lot there…the land owner is just trying to threaten council…2 acre feedlot…give your head a shake…not possible.

  5. Well, it worked in Saanich, where a land owner called city councils bluff and brought cows/pigs in…..After years of complaints, (and some awful smell in the ‘hood” guess what happened…..

  6. Hey Britt…need to talk with Davidson about feed lot..Am very interested in meeting with owners and participating…hmm…might not be thw only feedlot in sooke…right sooke river..
    Please send him my contact info…thanks Britt!!!!

    • Yes, I think Sooke needs a few bylaws to protect it’s residents. People can come in, by a lot and clear cut it without any respect for their neighbours, like those Sooke Disposal guys on Sooke river rd. Who said that the old Milne farm was no good for farming. When land is in the ARL it is to be protected and NOT to be removed from recommendations of Council. Mr. Pearson, give your head a shake!

      • Thanks “Borris”, take time to read my comments, you will clearly see I suport what the community wants, discussion and opinions are truly what makes democracy work. I strongly support ALR protection, where it is truly viable and support uses grunted under the provisions of the Act.

  7. blackmail why not have an organic grass-fed non antibiotic farm raising healthy animals the kids in the schools would probably love it incorporate 4-H etc

  8. I do not approve of feedlots. Cattle need grass, not grain, which makes them sick, then they’re given meds, then we get the meds secondhand. Not good. And not a good use of land!

  9. Well, town council will not look good if they agree it is no good for agriculture when they are giving Sooke Baptist church (right next door to the lot) a grant for fencing and irrigation to develop their front lawn into a community vegetable garden.

  10. NO, NO, NO, NO! Wrong on so many levels, morally and environmentally. F*** the money!

  11. If the landowner can’t get out of the ALR and really wants revenue he could clear the West Coast Road lot, lease it to Robbins and make it a metered parking lot for the trucks and boat trailers using the launch across the road. Feedlotting sounds like an absentee owner trying to make a point…But offering something the locals want is probably a more likely manner to gain local support.

    • Doesn’t matter. Our opinions hold no weight. That would be like you announcing to your neighbors you were going to plant a potato field in your backyard. They could all bitch and moan, but at the end of the day it’s your property and you can do as you please within the rules of the land.
      Him announcing his intentions may be for one reason or another and it’s obviously had the desired affect.

    • The difference is this is ALR land, so he cannot do whatever he likes. About those rules… But you’re right, for some it has had the desired effect. I still call BS…it’ll never happen. Idle threat.

    • http://www.alc.gov.bc.ca/alc/content/alr-maps/living-in-the-alr/permitted-uses-in-the-alr

      Although he stated ” feed lot ” for cattle, a number of undesirable ventures can be done in the ALR. You can raise a lot of chickens or hogs on 2 acres.
      And there again, it’s his property and his prerogative. If this is a blackmail tactic, good on him. The ALR is a joke in most cases. Forcing someone to keep 2 acres of property in the ALR and charging ridiculous tax rates for non usable property is borderline criminal.

  12. Can’t believe local business people , Shayne Fedosenko and Stephanie Davidson would have their names on this extortion document! What were they thinking? Not a good business move to attack the residents of Sooke.

    • Stephanie Davidson IS NOT a local business person. She is Stephanie Shaw. This is not a new owner with a new application. This is Shaw family daughters with married names attempting to appear To be new applicants.

  13. Everyone’s so negative. His land. He’s allowed to use it however he wants under the rules. If a feedlot falls under the rules it’s his right. He could also pig farm like the guy up Island whose in town alr land. Yup Parksville grew around his farm but they wouldn’t take it out of alr. Everyone liked the greenspace. Well unless you pay for it it’s not yours and why should someone who does own it not use it. Sure a nice Christmas tree farm would be pretty but unless your willing to buy it you don’t get a say. So guess what. He put a pig farm there. Smelled lovely on a hot day. So maybe a feedlot isn’t financially feasible. I bet pigs are.

  14. Shame on Sooke for even considering this. I hope it truely is just blackmail. Factory farming is one of the most disgusting things we do as humans and we should be working on ending it not making more. Watch earthlings to see what goes on in feedlots. If we can’t have compassion for a lesser animal how can we have compassion for people deemed lesser than us? Shame

  15. I think they are using a similar tactic as trump used to get elected, negative attention bring this issue. To the fore front and by the community getting all up in arms and putting pressure on the council will help the land owner reach his goals of rezoning the property and subdividing. So just don’t feed into the negativity I believe that only assists the land owner. The acreage would be prime land for a subdivision.

  16. I am saddened to come across this a month after the fact. I do hope that this has not gone to council. If and when it does I will be present to speak out. The Shaw family has attempted to remove their land from the ALR for 30 years without success.
    To say that this is a new owner and therefore a new application is, if not a lie, a stretch of the truth. Anthony Laughren is the husband of a Shaw daughter and Stephanie Davidson is a Shaw daughter as well.
    Ms. Davidson makes an idle threat in attempt to line her pockets with ill gotten gains aquired from the last stretch of a family property her grandfather worked so very hard for. For SHAME Ms. Davidson.