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A mother’s fight for her son’s pain relief continues, no end in sight — 10 Comments

  1. Pharmacare WILL pay for a new “abortion drug”, however they won’t pay for drugs that allow people to live pain free OR keep them alive.!!!! That’s the government for ya..!!!

  2. Our system is unfair. My son has diabetes and I have experienced the system failures. I would like to ask the doctors on the pharmacare panel, what if this was your child! My son is 30 and is losing his sight and had no help in trying to ask for help to get onto an insulin pump as per doctors orders. He put 10 thousand dollars on his credit card to follow doctors orders and 2 weeks later was unable to work due to bleeding in his eyes. Sad how this could happen to our ” fair ” health care system. His type 1 diabetes was not a lifestyle choice as was this arthritis for this young child. It is time our federal government gets Canada into a universal pharmacare program.

  3. Jillian, keep up the fight. I realize it is hard on you to have to work so hard and be turned down so many times. Praying one of these days Pharmacare and BC Government will take the time to really look at Landen’s circumstances and change their decision.

  4. The Pharmacare and the B.C government should be ashamed of themselves…since when do they know more than the boys physician!!!!!
    And this Government is suppose to be for the

  5. What a sickening situation, the Canadian Government needs to step in immediately, with the B.C. Medical officials giving all the time and assistance needed in making the necessary help until the problem is dealt with.. We can build bridges that end up way over budget, then waste more on a piece of Art Work that is unnecessary but the money was planned for it we are told, so change your plans and help this child.
    It’s time that a new Committee is formed In B.C. to give a fresh look into the cost of pharmaceuticals and who gets what. This is a little boy in pain, let’s stand together and help this Situation.
    Loretta Boerkamp

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