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A new approach to combat distracted driving — 7 Comments

  1. I hate distracted drivers, but I am guilty of at least plugging in my phone while moving out of my laneway..its technically just as guilty as the person who is reading texts on the Sookehala….and yet I hate seeing that when i drive by a texting driver. This issue is most certainly a public education issue and so I think the class might drive home the message, pun intended.

  2. There was a time not long ago if a cop didn’t like a device in your vehicle, that device was confiscated. Sometimes that device was placed on the ground by the wheels of the offending vehicle and the offender was instructed to drive over the device, crushing it.

    Perhaps a seminar is nice and informative and someone might learn something, but if we went a step further and just confiscated the phones of offenders it would make a bigger difference.