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A post mortem on failed ’22 Commonwealth Games bid, by Victoria’s Grumpy Taxpayer$ — 4 Comments

  1. Grumpy Taxpayers, I think we need to be sure we are getting value for our tax money, not complaining that “Taxes are the average Canadian family’s largest expense.” Just from my knee jerk and gut reaction, I doubt it is true. What about housing? How much do people spend on food? What does upkeep on the vehicle cost? Can we “average” what Canadians spend on travel and recreation and come up with a dollar number? I don’t think we would have benefitted from hosting the Commonwealth Games in proportion to what they would have cost.

    Another statement above which is really misleading is that the CRD Directors are not elected. Of course they are elected: they are mayors, councillors and electoral area directors. People need to pay attention to how local government works. The writer is paying attention but taking shortcuts trying to explain the Grumpy Taxpayer position. Perhaps local government would work better if the directors were elected to be directors and not expected to do the work of mayor or councillor as well. The regional district local government system is in place in most of the province. Perhaps the Capital Regional District people who are against it locally can get some good ideas by looking at how it works in other regional districts.

  2. Grumpy taxpayers is right. The largest Expense we have is taxes, which includes all levels plus all the sales taxes paid. If you include Gov’t user fees, it is even more. There is only one taxpayer answer he/she usually works to mid June to pay for them all. How much of the vehicle costs include taxes? Lots.

  3. It truly does boggle the mind how local governments throw our money away. Yes, sports are great if only to get kids off their phones and out doing something but there has to be a limit and it has to be something the whole public wants. $1.5 billion?? for a few games? It reminds us of the artificial turf the Sooke District is putting in for $1.6 million. There are sooo many things Sooke needs and plastic turf is way at the bottom of the list.
    Thanks to Carole James for speaking for reason.

  4. Someone needs to speak for the visionaries. Not all that Grumpy Taxpayer says is accurate….read Heather Phillips remarks above.
    It was an opportunity that deserved putting forward in a very short period of time. Thank you for your vision for so many opportunities in our beautiful province David Black!