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A tsunami warning has been issued (UPDATE: CANCELLED at 4:35am) — 13 Comments

  1. Issued from Otter Point, Al Wickheim on FB: “There is a tsunami warning for our area, but no call for evacuation. It is expected as 0.3m wave will arrive on our shores around 0555. Again, there is no call for evacuation. Stand by your tv and here for further updates. Do not go down to the shore. This is not a drill. Al Wickheim. JdFEMP Community Disaster Coordinator”

    • Thanks for your communications – and dedication – Al Wickheim and Britt Santowski.

    • Our JDF Emergency managers were monitoring throughout the early morning and made the decision not to wake the Port Renfrew and Pacheedaht residents. The system works but was not needed.

    • Most Sooke residents slept through it. We don’t have the Emergency Program that we used to have with the previous Sooke District Staff and Fire Chief. They were all trained as part of our plan. The current bunch under Sullivan aren’t trained for emergencies. In fact we don’t have a proper system as demanded by the Auditor General and BC Emergency Management and even our plan. So after a big disaster the District is open for us to sue them to recover our losses.
      There is a communications group but they only activate if all other forms of communications fail. Then they fire up their CB radios.
      Good job on the Otter Point emergency group and Al Wickheim.

  2. Sooke River Road Residents heard nothing! Sooke needs to notify Everyone in the community we need a better warning system implemented on this side of the bridge.

  3. I would like to see where residents in each of the low lying danger areas of Sooke are supplied with a simple map leading to the safest elevated area close to where they live. Emergency groups are a great asset, but if a tsunami originates somewhere Off the coast of Vancouver Island, evacuation time can be critical, and those who can safely evacuate themselves allow emergency services to help those who cannot.