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Monday afternoon accident on Sooke Road closed road completely for three hours — 14 Comments

    • Heard on CFAX that all four went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Black SUV driven by a solo male, and the white minivan driven by a woman with two kids in the car. -Britt

  1. Hope this isn’t too controversial, yet it’s time to change the language when we describe these incidents. Most of the time, they are preventable, so can we describe them as accidents? Sometimes making small changes such as this help us realize that there are things we can do to prevent these kinds of tragedies.

    • ICBC and the RCMP have already changed the language, from “accident” to “crash.” I’m a laggard, I suppose, as for me the opposite of “by accident” is “on purpose,” and so I often default back to the old term, accident. Because even though it could have been avoided somehow, it’s certainly not an on-purpose thing. -Britt

    • I hear you Britt – no one gets up in the morning intending to be in a crash. Hopefully the discourse will help drivers be more cautious.

  2. This is becoming all too familiar on Sooke rd and only gotten worse since cell phones and texting . I hope texting wasn’t the cause of this crash .. Hope everyone involved is ok .

  3. Thanks for not posting some of the pics going around. Bloody intrusive I’d say. I’d be so upset to look around while being treated & see everyone with a camera or a phone taking my picture. No respect.