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Administrative hearing date set for alleged fraudster Timothy Craig Durkin: May 16, 2022 — 3 Comments

  1. Curious about the $495;000 mentioned in Judge Basran’s judgement. Rodger Gregory and Durkin induced an elderly gentleman from Kelowna area to invest in the scam
    Is BCSC withholding that as another charge to include Gregory in an indictment ?
    It was stated that Gregory solicited the so called “investor”

    • That’s an interesting observation Mr. Tardkin.

      I don’t know if you are aware but Mr. Durkin has a number of lawsuits filed with the Victoria Registry in addition to his admissibility hearing and now the BC Securities Commission. This must be a real strain on Mr. Durkin purse strings with all those legal fees and then retaining counsel. It must be very difficult for him being a pensioner. One of the reasons for not retaining counsel and one which Mr.Durkin provided to the court at the commencement of the civil trial with Mr and Mrs. Philip, was lack of funds and recipients of pensions. He described himself and Rodger Gregory (convicted fraudster) to the court as ‘old age pensioners’. Inquiring minds would like to know how Mr. Durkin is managing to meet those financial obligations, him being only a pensioner, in receipt of pensions.

  2. Will Mr. Durkin be attending the hearing in person or virtually? It’s just that according to his recent comments to the Times Colonist he’d been experiencing problems with his computer. Could we be of any assistance, my wife is experienced in IT matters, if he would like to reach out to us. I also note that Mr. Durkin has filed a Notice of Civil Claim in the Victoria Courts against Capital News. Will Mr. Durkin be considering a trial? If so will he be calling my wife as a witness. The last time he x examined my wife in court it didn’t go too well for Mr. Durkin. In my opinion it was disastrous.

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