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Affordable housing comes to Sooke — 17 Comments

  1. It’s the reason I live in Sooke now! . Being under +55, having a dog, and not being Aboriginal. A Mobile home was my only option, looking back now I wouldn’t change it for the world .

  2. I bought a mobile after moving here. Only way I can afford housing on pension. Am just hoping now that the powers that be will protect the current
    parks from expropriation or sale for the builders. We need both , the new homes and the affordable housing for lower income and pensioners. Homelessness shouldn’t be an option in Sooke!

  3. Stop allowing all the $300,000+ for a small “Condo” unit developments that sit empty being built and help more true low cost apartment style or attaced dwellings developments occure…

  4. True no bank willl finance you on reserve property for a mobile, while we are at it, they are not mobile, but manufactured homes, and the laws need to change, making it a strata of some kind, as they are not moveable once in place and lived in for a number of years.

  5. While it is true, housing can be made more affordable by changing zoning, as was done in Saanich with regard to illegal basement suites, people also have to consider the unintended consequences of such action that burden city services without a corresponding increase in tax revenue. Remember we have a long waiting list here for a doctor.
    By distributing low income housing among several areas of the city people of various income levels share neighbourhoods, a good thing, as this prevents ghettoisation.

    As to the larger question of affordability, prices are set in the market place by supply and demand and also by the income level of a particular town or city. Despite the climate and downturn in oil, houses in Fort Mac are not cheap, neither are they cheap in Vancouver, New York or London.

    People in need of housing or that wish to contribute to such might want to consider Habitat for Humanity as an option.

    Finally everyone has a choice to make as to where they want to live, a choice which is always based on many factors and perhaps a location with lower prices or better paying jobs might be more attractive than being placed on a wait list for subsidized housing.

  6. What about micro housing subdivisions? Tiny houses are economical and the lots could be under 300 sq metres. A lot of young couples or small families could benefit from these. Are the banks on board? What about council?

  7. Mobiles/modulars are great and banks need to get with the times – especially on the west coast and it’s crazy housing prices.

    Myself, I would be all over a micro home – and a subdivision dedicated to that would be amazing. Vancouver has a dedicated micro apartment market that is doing really well. People need options. I don’t want 2000 or 1200 or even 800 sq feet – 300 or less would do me fine.

    @David Walker – you are so right about that…

  8. For people interested in micro housing, I am not in favour of a Smallville subdivision but rather changes to zoning to allow for the construction of carriage houses on existing lots as has been done in other BC municipalities.