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And just when they thought it couldn’t be done, someone goes and does it… — 17 Comments

    • I’d like to send a shout out to Sooke Fax and Copy Centre for their positive and flexible attitude about the summer’s long construction. For being at ground zero, you set a good example for us all !!

  1. Just because they can drive around it dies not in any way shape or circumstance justify them doing that.

    It is an extremely perilous manoever to do in the rain and dark of winter.

    We need an alternate route so the city core will be safe for the citizens of Sooke. ….what else is possible. ..

  2. Logging trucks …no they don’t need to come through, but our businesses need their deliveries to function and construction work vehicles will depend on where they are working if they require the need to travel through the core. I think we need to all be reasonable in our expectations and understand the needs of every resident and business in this town and be considerate of each other. Common sense to third world problems rigth…

  3. Ummm…does no one else realize that this video is old. The traffic circle is much more complete now, and this truck did not drive around what represents the finished product. The route he took in the video would take him right through the center of the traffic circle.

    Than being said, I still feel that these trucks will be able to navigate the circle.

  4. Watch it again they didn’t drive through it he drove over itbight difference to drive through the middle of it not around it

  5. I took this video Tuesday, October 6th while traffic was being diverted onto our side of the circle during concrete pouring on the Evergreen Mall side. During times the circle has been fully operational, trucks still continued to flow through smoothly.

    Construction is moving right along. Can’t wait to see all the pieces come together!

  6. Of course trucks will negotiate the completed roundabout. Do some people in Sooke really think it wasn’t designed with trucks in mind? If so, the educatin system is failing us! 😉

  7. To be honest, I’m flabbergasted and frustrated by all the negativity surrounding this roundabout. Some people are declaring the end of the human race will occur in front of Evergreen Mall! Get a grip, people… you’re embarrassing yourselves. It’s just a roundabout!
    Great to see this project coming together… it’s going to be a big asset to the downtown core! (y) 🙂

    • People fear what they do not understand.
      A lot of people who are against it are the ones who don`t know how to drive through it.
      I`ve almost been t-boned twice this week because drivers coming westbound towards evergreen mall don’t slow down or look towards cars that are already in the roundabout. It’s not rocket science!!