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Another bear killed in Sooke — 20 Comments

  1. Stop building in Sooke! There’s to much building in this town, it’s to small for all these houses and we’re taking up all the forest that these animals live in!

  2. No bear should lose it’s life because of ignorant people…if they can prove that you are attracking bears, by either leaving your garbage out too early, unsecured or not cleaning up your fruit..etc….they should make you pay for the cost of trapping and relocating the bears…simple as that!

  3. So sad that another beautiful animal has been destroyed. We live in there territory, we need to learn how to cohesively live together. If we don’t bother them, they won’t bother us. We also need to be aware of how we store our garbage and compost bins. If you don’t want the bears to stick around your neighbourhood, then stop giving them reasons to feast and make a mess of our waste. Education goes a long way as well as acknowledging we live in bear country. There is no need to destroy them! They deserve to be here as much as we do!

  4. Educate, educate, educate! And then, when that doesn’t work, fine, fine, FINE! When you hit people in the pocketbook, they usually pay more attention.

  5. Really? How many bear attacks in,Sooke are known? Stupid humans. A bear is more scared of youz then you are of it. Should,the bear be a,garbage bear unless it had learned that as a cub it can and would revert back to thje law of the wild and hunt its food! What’s wrong with a,tranquilizer? … Live trap(s) I know those that can build them if,cost is the issue. By the way…. What’s the full cost via extermination?

  6. Keep your garbage and food scraps bin inside until the morning of garbage pick up. If you can. Like the CO’s said, pick the fruit from your fruit trees.

    • Oh and one more thought. Some folks may not know how to build a little shed to store garbage, or may not be able to afford one. Perhaps we could fund raise so that we could help folks get what they need. And for those without a garage, we could help them build a little trash shed.

  7. Our trash stays inside until pick-up morning. It didn’t used to.

    We went from having a bear drag a locked-lid container all the way up the drive, until he found a quiet spot he could gnaw it open, to a covered heavy-lid wooden box for the can.

    That lasted a week until he flipped it over. Then I secured it with 1″ anchor line, and he got frustrated but wound up busting it apart.

    That did it, trash is inside and has been for the last 18 months. I left the busted box where it was, as a reminder to myself to never get complacent with it again.

  8. I recently read a lengthy discussion on a Sooke FB page with several people complaining that they are too “busy” to remove the fruit from their trees. Or they objected to keeping their garbage locked away until garbage day. They fully knew the consequences of their non-action. For people like this, education would be pointless. They simply don’t care. It’s similar to texting while driving. Some people refuse to learn. Fines for texting have risen dramatically. Make stupidity pay; not the bears.