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Anti-SLAPP legislation on the government’s itinerary — 3 Comments

  1. “In the near future”.

    In NDP-speak what does this mean?

    Somewhere between banning raw log imports and “working collaboratively and respectfully with First Nations”?

    Hopefully not yet one more mollifying tactic.

    We need it tomorrow.

  2. the big decisions on what happens in our communities needs to be taken out of the hands of big companies AND government! Communities should have the power to decide if their natural resources are plundered and given to foreign businesses. This would allow local people to have a say on Pipelines and forest clear cutting.

  3. I see a few former Government heads that all support this. Funny they never enacted Slapp Suit laws, (that I am aware of, don’t want to get sued)
    Anyways, glad to see it on the horizon.