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Are you ready for the roundabout? Here’s what you should know about using them — 15 Comments

  1. I’m ok with the whole idea of roundabouts, but I do have a question. If the traffic *in* the roundabout has the right of way, and there is no break in that traffic, then what?

    • You wait until there is a break. Kind of like turning left anywhere on Sooke Road, right now, right? However, a traffic circle really slows traffic down, and you will find that no matter busy traffic is, there will be a break. Honestly, they do work! -Britt

      • I currently don’t turn left onto Sooke Rd. I’ll turn right, then left *off* the road, and then right back on. Quite often I’ll get there before someone who waited to turn left. 😉
        Keeping an open mind.

  2. I’m not ready it’s a stupid idea & can’t believe Mayor approved it. What about logging trucks, buses, dump trucks & major traffic disruption in the center of town? How long will it take to complete?

  3. The roundabout design is the same as this one from Lake Cowichan. The Mayor of LC said logging trucks and other large vehicles have no problem navigating it. The photo below demonstrates the size of the roundabout with a school bus, and how low it is in case it is driven over… which the LC Mayor also said happened for the first couple of weeks!
    Constriction dates should be known soon, along with plans to navigate the disruption. Completion of the roundabout and sidewalk improvements is expected by Fall 2015 – again, more specific dates to come. For more info: sooke.ca/projects/highway14

  4. If the Sooke roundabout will be as big as the Lake Cowichan one for sure, then great! That one works well. The Goldstream Ave one is too small.

  5. If you think it’s a bad idea then what’s your suggestion for the growing town?
    Please feel free to only use Wadams way, and stay out of the circle.
    Last, if you want to be part of this growing community and need practice, this is not Sook’s first traffic circle, there is one on Arranwood.

  6. So, we put a traffic circle in the middle of two nearby traffic lights. When one light is red, the other green, and cars getting in and out of the circle (or trying), how is this circle going to AID in the flow of traffic? Ever been at the Goldstream one during rush hour and lights not being in sync?? Traffic is at a bad stand still. I predict Sooke traffic at 3pm will be MORE nightmarish.