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Attorney General unveils report and recommendations on electoral reform referendum — 2 Comments

  1. I disagree entirely with changing how we vote to any system that gives PARTIES seats. That is not democracy, that is a nod to party systems like we see in Russia and China. We have always elected individuals locally who then once elected, gather in a place and decide from who among them is to be the Premier. Yes, historically those elected from among parties band together and have made their party leader the Premier whenever they could do so. BUT that does not change the fact we elect them at the local level from individuals who are accountable and must face re-election. If we move to a system where a party gets a seat, or basically the top 3 or 4 parties get seats with zero personal accountability for the seat holder, we are selling out our democracy for what purpose? The 3rd and 4th parties may get a few seats where they may have had few or none and the main parties will get most of thosse party seats: so what will change? Nothing besides the watering down of personal accountability among our elected officials. I VOTE NO TO PR. Now if the choices were wider and a Ranked Ballot was a choice, i would say yes.

  2. Ian Backlund’s comments make good sense. More parties mean less stability and more confusion in government as well. That can be witnessed in today’s B.C. Government and elsewhere in Canada, where only three parties can and have brought about a minority governments followed by more elections….. Ergo less instability and more opinions expressed that never go anywhere.

    Our wobbly situation today stems from a coalition consisting of three Green Party members only, who conditionally agreed to support the NDP Party to form government. Now we have the first evidence where a mere 3 member party has held enough power to goad the B.C. government into holding up the Trans Mountain Pipeline that Canada as a hole is in need of. RESULT: BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS FROM THE POCKETS OF ALL CANADIANS WILL NOW HAVE TO PONY UP. Imagine 4,5, or more parties!!!