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Bank robbery thwarted with a call to police — 5 Comments

  1. i don’t know Greg either..but I wouldn’t think he would be using Meth while in lock up.

    As for after ..who knows..the system is broken..people on drugs do things they normally wouldn’t even consider..but all that happens is they get arrested..put on probation or given a few months in Wilky..then they are out on their own again with no help for rehab.

  2. I’m looking for help? It’s actually regarding the thefts in Sooke. Someone broke into my storage locker at the condo where I live and stole my Christmas decorations.
    I’m asking if someone can set up a site where stolen items can be posted too?
    At times stolen property has been dropped off near our building, once the police came and found the owner. Now another container arrived and we do not know who it belongs too?
    So many thefts taking place in Sooke! I would suggest to get money to buy drugs?
    Can someone please help with this?