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BC Chamber of Commerce Passes Resolution Calling on the Province to Expand Old-Growth Forest Protections — 5 Comments

  1. Another decision that our(Port Renfrew commerce) decides to support, helping to put loggers out of work….they seem to forget that if not for loggers thet would not havea town to bring tourists to. I think the chambers should stop trying to take away the local loggers lively hood.

    • The logging industry has been in trouble for longer then recent advances on the Walbran. To think logging one of the last old growth forests on Vancouver Island is going to provide any type of employment stability for forestry workers is beyond short sighted, this is not about jobs it is about high quality timber. If anyone is to blame for putting loggers and other forestry workers out of work, it is the corporations that run the industry, focused on performance, cost cuts and profits. Sustainable logging practices of second and third growth forests and increased milling of wood locally will keep the industry healthy.

  2. Protecting old growth forests will generate revenue for local communities for generations to come. The forest companies will continue to harvest trees planted by them, and jobs will only be lost because today, it requires less manpower than even a few years ago. Still, a few nutters, who, for some reason, are upset by companies harvesting the trees they planted in the 1970’s. I thought this was what was meant by sustainable logging, and that’s part, I find hypocritical, not the protection of the old growth.

  3. Nobody is anti-logging. Most everyone is against harvesting the last remaining old growth.

    What we need to do is generate better quality second growth and to better manage existing regenerated forests. There is better timber coming out of the Alberni Valley as second growth than the old growth Tl Jones wants to cut in the Walbran.

    BC generates among the lowest jobs per unit of fibre coming out of forests anywhere. Ontario generates 5 times the employment in the forests…Have you ever considered Ontario to be a forestry player let alone a leader?

    Time has come to put an end to 19th Century forestry policies and put BC in the leading position for a sustainable forestry. Do we still harpoon whales anymore? Do we still use purse nets in our fisheries? Do children still work in mines? If you listen closely you can hear the 21st century knocking at the door of the forest industry.