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BC Gov designates Vancouver Island the provincial toxic dumping ground; Shawnigan Lake, Sooke Lake water reserves at risk — 22 Comments

  1. I cannot believe the callous disregard this Government shows the people and environment in ridings that don’t vote for them. Clark once said she thought Victoria was a toxic place, she was talking about the Legislature, but now she is making it a reality. I hear Mt Polley is once again reaching dangerous levels. They still haven’t cleaned up the last spill. Unbelievable!

  2. Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue. Its not just shawnigans problem. Others need to realize it affects so many more. The risk is too great. The permit needs to be rescinded. The govt needs to listen to the people and use some common sense, which thus far they have failed in both dept.’s.

  3. Unreal. Disgusting & ignorant. It’s time for people to choose lives & our Eco System over money. Money is short term. It’s heartbreaking to see such greed & desperation for money become more important than the health & safety of lives & the nature that we require to thrive not just survive . It’s embarrassing they haven’t figured out a more intelligent way to handle toxic waste. It’s interesting to see these decisions being made & I would love to see those behind these decisions living directly in the areas that will be affected without any special treatment other than to actually live with the consequences of their decisions. I’m surprised that these types continue to be in power & position when they’re literally destroying BC(& the world) instead of being revolutionary & intelligent they’re short term thinkers with one objective MONEY

  4. Won’t hear from government till its too late and they will say woops, it got past us, sorry. Isn’t that ms crrsty Clark , whatever puts coin in her pocket!

  5. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Looks like a direct feed to Shawnigan Lake and too close to Sooke lake for comfort.

  6. Also shocking that south Vancouver Island is becoming the Mainland’s toxic dumping ground. Bargeloads of dredged toxic mud have recently arrived from Port Moody. Sulphur, Zinc, salt, other heavy metals dumped in a fresh water environment. Only 8 months into a 50 year permit, the pit breached during the first rainstorm and flooded the salmon stream and lake causing Island Health to post a Do Not Use Water Order. It’s only a matter of time before toxins reach ground water and threaten Victoria’s Watershed, a few km away.

  7. April Lea, a remediation site exists in Alberta. But it was far cheaper for Pacific Coast Terminals of Port Moody to dump into this Vancouver Island gravel pit. Let PCT.ca know we don’t want their toxic waste near our watersheds.

    • It has all happened over the past three years. That means it is confirmed. Thousands of truckloads and barge loads have been dumped in the last 9 months. History confirms that. The pit already breached. Check your news. The part unconfirmed refers to 20 barges on their way now. But over the next 50 years, there will be 5 million tons dumped. It’s your drinking water, that is also confirmed.

    • Companies , plural and there are many trucking companies involved. Anyone who wants to make a quick buck on our backs. But I don;t necessarily have a fight with the truckers , they just want a job. Its Mary Polak and her “scientific experts ” that signed off on the permit that should be stopped. Trucking companies include Waynes , Magnum, Weebee, Coastal, Parksville trucking, Volk, Draycor, B+G, DBL. maybe people could give them a call to complain.

  8. Thank you for bringing more awareness to our plight. Your first sentence is misleading though as “we ARE fighting a proposal that IS ALLOWING 100,000 tonnes of contaminated soil to be dumped per year. They are in full swing with double trucks coming up from Victoria and down from Nanaimo every few minutes of every hour every day . Sorry to correct you but I am sure people that watch the news and are aware and care about our environment know this is happening right now.

    • Brit was basing her story on this excellent video by Paul Manly, that I reposted. It is out of date in details but still applies overall. I’m sure she will update with further articles soon.

  9. omg and here we see Premier Clark in Paris bragging about how BC is so far ahead of the other Provinces…maybe ahead in the bs dept…I will forward this article (great work Britt!) to people I know & encourage others to do the same…as well as emailing MPs, MLAs, environmental groups etc. other news orgs too lets get this out there…CHEK is doing a good job covering Shawnigan Lake incl a now-fired truck driver who assaulted a woman protesting the dumping…

  10. In case you haven’t heard of this toxic nightmares devastation! “A torrent of toxic mud from a deadly mine spill in south-west Brazil that buried a village and contaminated a river basin has reached the Atlantic Ocean.

    The waste has travelled at least 500 kilometres since the dam burst more than two weeks ago, killing at least 12 people and leaving 280,000 without water.” http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-22/brazil-mine-spill-mud-to-hit-atlantic-ocean/6962040

  11. Disgraceful bullshit from Chrusty Clarke ,,, this is nasty stuff with very dangerous consequences ,,, Ministy of the Environment are criminal in their ignorance & dereliction of any environmental protections left in Canada ,,, corporate corruption in Canadian politics became nothing short endemic ,,, Mr Trudeau really needs to address the endemic corruption of Harper’s nasty oversight & direction of his entire government