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BC Hydro to Purchase Lands at Jordan River — 8 Comments

  1. Purchase lands… that’s like… the whole town of Jordan river lol… a land buy to me is like, a parcel, not a whole fkn town…. BCs governance is ridiculous

  2. whether we like it or not, once again BC Hydro acting like private corp not public utility

  3. I’ve noticed the big beautiful house along side the log sort is now gone as is one or two houses on west coast Rd…. Kinda sad But eventually the big earthquake will come and the dam won’t hold. I do believe though that each person owns a home down there because they fell in love with the beauty of it’s location. My husband and I did the same thing and It would be pretty shitty if that happened to us. My dad tells me he used to play concerts out in Jordan River in the 80’s and hundreds of people would come and the town was happening… A far far cry from what it is today. But I kinda like it the way that it is….. Change sucks sometimes.

  4. How convenient. There is a hidden agenda somewhere in here. Sell people the lie about a dam not holding in a major earthquake. (Here’s an idea, fix the feckin thing). Use your big business influence to conveniently purchase prime waterfront real estate. Wait a few years, and figure out how to “fix” the dam. Develop property and make millions. There is a hidden agenda somewhere in here. This has smelled like BS for years

    • LOL. You prefer the normal state of affairs where an inquiry is done after the dam fails because homes were destroyed, people died and no one knew the danger? Can you say P A R K? One all of us can enjoy. There is a covenant against construction of homes.