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BC Liberals and NDP agree on the success of the Great Bear Rainforest agreement — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Neighbours, unfortunately, the reality of this agreement is, it’s a great PR move for Clark/Libs, for the bears and trees, not so much. In fact, not much at all. Omitted from the main press releases are the pertinent info, and to make it easier I’m pasting here Comments from folks who signed the Change.org petition to save the Great Bear Rainforest; the truth of the matter is in these Comments:

    Brittany Ann · Victoria, British Columbia
    Unfortunately the “actual legislated level of protection is only 38%, and the remaining part of the coast – approximately 62% – will be placed under “Ecosystem Based Management” or EBM, which is a land-use designation that still allows mining, logging, large-scale tourism and other industrial activities to occur.. While EBM offers more stringent management guidelines it should not be confused with core protection or a Conservancy type designation.” As per Pacific Wild. Still a win! But don’t be fooled by the media.
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    Charlie Spink
    Thanks Brittany. EBM or SMZ, same unlegislated and unenforcable wishful thinking. I draw your attention to a case in point, the Central Walbran Valley which Is a Special Management Zone with primary objectives for preserving old growth: the first 4 being environmental – biodiversity, wildlife, fish and water and finally recreation.
    (The secondary objectives are human uses: visual, tourism, timber, cultural, access and caving)
    Despite the Special Management Zone “protecting” the Central Walbran, it is being logged into oblivion right now.
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    Tracy Henwood · Parksville, British Columbia
    #ChristyClark EBM ??? Is this true??? And if it is, why aren’t you telling us all of the facts regarding this so calling win for our coastal environment. ?
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    Brittany Ann · Victoria, British Columbia
    Charlie Spink What’s happening in the Walbran is absolutely heartbreaking. It paints a pretty clear picture of what this government’s priorities are. Sadly, I think the Great Bear agreement was mostly a political move – gotta look good for the upcoming election. UGH
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    Gnoah Buddy · St.Clair College, Windsor, Canada
    Charlie Spink Well that just FN great isn’t it…so what the hell is this announcement all about ??
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    Matante Lyne · Montreal, Quebec
    Thanks for the new information. Since you know more about that “false victory” why don’t you start a new petition explaining the real story and get peoples to stand against this smoke mirror
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    Charlie O’Shea · SAIT
    I guess governments and the general public forget the past. The largest anti logging protest in 1993 to stop Mac Blo from logging Meares Island with the help of Greenpeace and Midnight Oil and all the people who blocked and got arrested should be remembered. People need to stand up and take the time to say no. If we don’t fight for change we just end up getting mowed over. History repeats itself.
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    what never fails to astonish me throughout my life, is how greed and power take precedent again and again over protecting the Earth and everyone/thing who lives here. My conclusion is the people who choose wealth and power over goodness are sociopaths and psychopaths, they are mentally ill and because they are so unhappy and so maladjusted they take their anger and illness out on everyone.