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Bear facts of life: Three photos from Andrew Ferguson — 4 Comments

  1. Perhaps it is time to stop the harassment of the bears as they are wild animals that should be left in peace.

    • the problem is garbage and habitat, their habitat is being taken away by people with no understanding of the wilderness around them. Too many bears have been shot this year around Sooke because of carelessness.Instead of shooting the bears, how about fining those who leave their garbage out all night for next day pick up instead of putting it out in the morning.Clean up your trees and yards and make it less attractive. I happen to live on the sewer line which I call “Bear Alley” and love it when the bears sleep on my lawn or, as you can see, do other things 🙂

  2. Thanks to Andy Ferguson, you have a keen eye, I love all your shots.
    Only the weather is wild in Sidney!