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Bear killed near Francis Gardens in Sooke — 35 Comments

  1. “The police did an excellent job.” That part’s a joke, right? They shot it 3 times, made it fall from a tree, let it suffer for 45 minutes, chased it down the street, then finally killed it.

  2. very very heartbreaking, the poor baby! why not tranquillize it, let it fall asleep, remove it and then humanely put it down. there are other options then this if it MUST be put down.

  3. If it was up a tree, why couldn’t it have been tranquilized and then moved out of the area??

    • I’m faily certain it was a bear that had already been relocated once. Came back rooting through garbage cans and was reported to have stalked a man and his dog prior to being shot. It was ready agitated prior to being shot and it all happened in an area of town where kids play outside aplenty. Very unfortunate ending for the bear but imo better than a child getting caught in the mix.

  4. This is disgusting!! There is no excuse for any of this…people need to wake up and learn how to deal with wildlife or go back to the city!! As for the inability to do a quick kill I guess criminals can feel safe!

  5. With the rate our trees are being cut down and how fast the wildlife is being displaced by so called progress, shot by “conservation” for human stupidity and killed on the roads by selfish drivers, I’m just about done with this friggin town. I’ve been here over 2 decades and I just want to get the hell out of this hell hole on earth. People disgust me.

  6. Why were the people who left their garbage cans out not fined for bringing wildlife into conflict with humans? The bear paid with its life for their selfish stupidity … THEY SHOULD BE FINED!

  7. If you agree with the following statement please cut and paste it into the comments section:

    I disagree how the situation with the bear found in Francis Gardens was handled. I demand that the people in the area who left their garbage cans out be fined with bringing wildlife into conflict with humans.

  8. I disagree with how the bear situation in Francis Gardens was handled. I demand that the people in the area who left their garbage cans out be fined with bringing wildlife into conflict with humans.

  9. sad, but folks seriously need to keep their garbage inside, NOT stored outdoors, and their livestock kept behind electric fences. What do you think is going to happen in a residential area.? Pretty sure the same people complaining about a shot bear are also some of the same people who have bear attractants in their own back yards and on their farms.

  10. I agree with Kat Barnard, these fools who leave their garbage out should be fined! Also, it is a damn crime to shoot a bear in the first place instead of moving it and even worse to shoot it three times and then let it suffer instead of putting it out of its’ misery. SHAME ON THOSE POLICE THE HANDLED THAT VERY POORLY!!!

  11. Perhaps we as a community need to ask for more, for different. Rules and regulations for people / garbage – and consequences. And, other alternatives for animals and more humane ways of dealing with situations that have no other options. BUT prevention is key – and that is OUR responsibility

  12. The Police and Conservation officers are here to protect people from all threats and from harm. They did their job extreemely well in this instance. As for letting the bear suffer for 45 minutes, well they did not let it suffer. To ensure everyones safety, including their own, they cordoned off the area and steadily and methodically tracked it down. In a safe controlled manner. They displayed outstanding proffessionalism during the whole incedent.
    For those of you living in a bubble with your magical pink unicorn, I highly suggest you step out of your tiny idealistic world and open your eyes. We are very lucky indeed that we have highly trained personnel watching over us

  13. And keeping us safe from all dangers. Perhaps when an intruder enters your home and threatens your family with serious and immenant harm and the police come and save you, would you run them down as you did on this article?

    On another note that directly correlates letting animals suffer. Why do people let their cats outside? Cats kill birds, small reptiles, mice and rats. They also play with their prey sometimes for hours. The cats intentionally maim their prey and then toss it about, pounce on it, carry it around in their mouths and many times let it suffer to death. Cats, according to your ethics, should not be allowed to continue to harm, harass and torture another animal. But we let them. Hmmm…hypocritical thinking.

    • You have to be kidding Daryn! Maybe you should step out of your big “egotist” bubble and breathe. I am sure glad your not my neighbour. Lousy job the police did for sure. !
      Stuff it!

  14. What a stupid remark! The police did a good job! ? I think you all need to rethink your method of how to deal with these situations indeed. Pure stupidity !

  15. Being realistic has nothing to do with ego. Being altruistic when faced with the facts has more to do with ones ego. Children are altruistic untill they open their eyes to the world.
    What we ‘feel’ should be and what is necessary to be done are two separate yet connected animals.
    There are few people who have the courage and commitment to help protect others. Others from all walks of life, even those who have magical unicorns. These people keep you safe and your right to live the way you want in this country. Better to have to kill a bear, because humans lured them into the town, than letting the bear main and kill our citizens. Or, if you prefer perhaps you can become a Bear Whisperer so you can gently remind the bear that maybe he is in the wrong place. I am confident this technique will be futile.

  16. And I’m fairly confident that the majority of people here are intelligent, aware, and concerned and grateful for the services provided to keep us safe and not , quoting you , ” living in a bubble with a magical pink unicorn or in their tiny idealistic world”
    unquote. That is an ego statement if I’ve ever heard one!

    It was mishandled badly and cruelly for the animal and know that this statement would most assuredly be supported. You speak very well and eloquently but there was no need for your arrogant remarks about people. Your right , but still, your ego!

  17. I agree with Gloria, seriously when will those “conservation’ officers learn to deal with this situation in a much different way – it doesn’t require a ‘GUN’

  18. I remember when I lived there watching the people across the street throwing food off of their deck to the “cute” little black bear in their yard. Humans need to learn respect for the fact that these are wild animals and they don’t live by our rules. There should be some consequence for people who teach these animals to look to us as a food source.