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Bear sighting at the Sooke Potholes parking lot — 30 Comments

  1. Ohhh they are a daily occurrence in Sooke, they cruise our hood all the time, our garbage can lid proudly sports a puncture from a bear tooth lol

  2. 1. Because the CRD felt this information was important and issued an Alert.
    2. Because SPN shares Alerts relevant to Sooke.
    3. Because SPN covers all things about and of interest to (some) of the residents of Sooke
    4. Because the Potholes are in Sooke.
    5. Because it serves as a reminder that we live in bear country.
    6. Because parents with children might like to keep their kids close.
    7. Because parents might want to ensure their kids don’t throw food away, carelessly.
    8. To remind people to pack in and pack out.
    9. Because being bear aware keeps bears fearful of humans, and therefore keeps them alive.
    10. Because visitors to the Potholes might like to be reminded that this is bear country.

    Those were just off the top of my head. Anything else? There are other news sources in town. If you don’t like the way SPN covers all things Sooke (as opposed to all-things-understood-by-Guy), you are welcome to unfollow SPN and get your news elsewhere. They are pretty darned good too.


    • With more bears and more people in Sooke, we are asking all Everyone to take action to make sure our conservation success story continues , it’s critical that everyone knows how to take precautions to avoid negative encounters with bears.  The most important action is to make sure bears do not have a reason to spend time near people. We can accomplish this by keeping anything that might attract a bear secure on our properties.
      Please visit our webpage
      to see all of the ways you can “stash that trash and secure your attractants ,

  3. I share so we can avoid…although I know the sooke officers are not batting a good record…(stop building in their land and stop with the refuse bs)