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Bear sightings are up in Sooke — 13 Comments

  1. They’re looking for food it’s been a bad year with the drought. I feel for them. It’s sad that wildlife is being displaced with the growth in Sooke. They’re relatively harmless not many bear attacks in the history of Sooke. It’s too bad humans don’t do more to help wildlife while we run the world.

  2. I love how our we share information about the bears and how to handle them and the posts (and photos) about sightings. We are good neighbors here, not only with each other but with the wildlife too. Thanks for the post.

  3. Keeping your garbage can in the basement & putting it out the morning of garbage pick-up helps a lot. We are out on Otter Point Rd & see some people put their cans out the night before, next morning the garbage is all over the road. We also clean up any fallen fruit from our trees daily so not to entice the bears…so far so good 🙂

  4. Partially? Are you nuts? All the friggen garbage laying around I would say it’s fully human fault. Smarten up people. You are killing wildlife off!

  5. Makes you wonder why the city wants compost bins on garbage day. I thought since day one it’s a fed bear is a dead bear…

  6. Isn’t it the CRD that request that food scraps be put by the roadside for collection? I’m guessing the bears are beating the trash collection service! No brainer that one!