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  1. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    Margaret Thatcher

    Ontario dealt with this in the 90’s and Alberta is dealing with it now. How long before the NDP go against the Green Party? I would bet dollars to donuts that the people of BC will see the NDP do what the Liberals said they were going to do and praise them for a great idea. And before anyone thinks that I am a Liberal supporter….think again. At least the previous provincial government could balance its budget, there is only so much money to keep things going.

      • I’ve read down the comments below. If the NDP and Green platforms are so rotten, how come Ms. Clark thought the BC Liberals could stand on them? I’ve said elsewhere that it was not the Alberta NDP that put the Alberta economy into a dive. It was a combination of global economics and a lack of foresight in the previous government parties.
        The big difference between the BC Liberal throne speech and the progressive party platforms Ms. Clark proposed to adopt was the BC Liberals support for Kinder Morgan and the Site C dam. Prime Minister Trudeau has said that Canada can be a world leader in research and green energy while the USA is going to be a loser if it sticks its head in the sands over climate change. BC does not need to support the fossil fuel industry. And we don’t need a hydro dam at Site C. (Think Muskrat Falls = boondoggle = Site C.) There will be other jobs and training so people can work them.

    • How can You even say,”balanced Budget”? 40Billion more in debt, over the last 16yrs! Is this Your idea of prudent fiscal management? WAKE UP!

    • I do stand quazy corrected, while I am awake, the government doesn’t have to incorporate interest on borrowed money when they deal with budgets. They are required to show money in and money out. Not to add more salt to the wound, but your numbers are off by about 20-30 billion. But on the plus side BC and Saskatchewan are the “have” provinces and not the “have not”. But if you really want to make an impact on elections, stop voting for a party and vote independent, dare to be different. Yet again, not a Liberal supporter.

    • If the NDP go against the greens we have another election, Reality is anyone not putting funds back into our schools is an asshole. I’m excited for the change. I am a socialist I feel taking care of the people gets better lives for more people – that I support. This is Canada we have tones of natural resources and a skilled work force we can do better for our residence with what we have if we stop giving it away.

  2. gonna be interesting to watch….as this Franken-merge melts down……Horgan will soon realize that money is what drives the world, cuz he’s gonna give it all away and then need to find the magical printing press (Trudeau will lend him one) ……and the Greenies will still want to see granola as the new currency….lol. Enjoy the ride kiddies!! 🙂

    • It was shitty that it took her being on death’s door to realize she HAD to do those things, but she wouldn’t ‘give it all’ away….all NDP gov’t knows how to do (historically) is spend. They don’t create jobs, they just make ’em go away.

    • Hey John,
      Not sure if you live on the island, but we have not had any political anything during Christy Clarke 6 years, so I thought we needed a change.Horgan lives on the island this could be a good thing for Vancouver Island.

    • No I live in the interior. But, the last time this bunch were in power, thousands of people left BC to find d a job, the economy went from the best in Canada to the worst, and the credit rating went from the best to second worst. Then there was the fast ferries fiasco where they spent 800 million on unproven fast ferries against all the advice from advisors and then sold for 20 grand 2 years later for scrap. Also, while the RCMP were investigating, Adrian Did who had access to documents, forged his signature on one to attempt to divert that investigation and was fired for it. However, he was given a 70,000 handshake goodbye, and the cheque was signed by the NDP chief of staff, John Horgan. That is the same John Horgan who is now going to be Premier. I just cannot swallow that, it makes me puke.

  3. I do so love intelligent comebacks….pictures of poo. You’re retired, living on the island…..and probably care not one bit about the job losses that come with NDP gov’t, but a lot of hardworking people are scared right now.

    • You obviously need a little education yourself. The education budget went up every single year. The money comes from Ottawa, they control how much each province gets. The province just decides how it is spent.

    • Um….you get that 3 times courts have found her education budgets & contract stripping was illegal, and finally after 16 years the government now has to figure out reversing it. BC public schools students get the least funding in Canada. Once you factor in all of the costs – like earth quake upgrades – that have been transfered to district budgets vs provincial budgets funding has not increased. But, what does Clark care her kid is in private school, whose funding has steadily increased in the last 15 years. I don’t have kids but I firmly believe our kids deserve better than what they have gotten. I am very clear on what has been happening in our schools & look forward to improvments.

  4. Yay finally we have a government that will take climate concerns and social structures seriously. Liberals are done take money from the most vulnerable to line their own pockets

  5. So much for any semblance of democratic process; first they remove the choice of any conservative platform, and now elite representatives are appointing our leaders without any say from the people.

    • yup, and add to the fact that this was essentially a coup. 2 party leaders who did NOT win the election, decided to band together to take over power.

    • I didnt hear you guys crying when preston mannin and harper did this federally, Time to walk your ass back to grade 9 social studies and see how a democracy works.

    • Tia, you really need to stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking. She was never given the chance. May 29, these 2 clowns had their signed agreement and a vow to bring her down as soon as the house was recalled. That is not working together for the people of BC.

  6. Interesting how Christy can tell everyone that it is a balanced budget over and over again and eventually they believe it. It’s balanced in favour of the 1% and on the backs of ordinary British Columbians — those who OD on fentanyl, those who make a meager minimum wage, those who get hopeless, welfare payments, those who pay ridiculous fees for energy when we could be totally embracing conservation, efficiency and renewable energy, those whose kids are trying to learn in crowded classrooms, those who are indigenous and live on their unceded territories with so few rights . . . And we subsidize fossil fuels and plan oil and gas mega-projects that are totally out of step with the times and what we know about climate change and the end of oil.

    • Wow, love the sunny ways rose coloured glasses you look out from. Shame about the lead between your ears. You haven’t a clue.

  7. If you get a cheque you are happy. If you write the cheque you are equally unhappy. If you are the next generation, you are the unhappiest. That is the Socialist, NDP way. Come up with a plan that adds debt or spends someone else’s money.

  8. After 4 years of NDP rule, we will be writing addtional cheques to professionals like doctors and nurses.That is what happened last time under the NDP. Our personal taxes were so high that they were leaving BC.