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Bus stop blunder: Six recently installed bus stop pads need replacing — 28 Comments

  1. And who the hell is pahing or all thin ? Better not be the tax payers!! Becouse the idiots are under qualified to do there jobs

    • Might be best to check your spelling and grammar before calling other people idiots.

  2. I would be really interested to know who made the mistake – the engineers who did up the specs, or the team who did the build.

  3. I wonder if something to do with the curb height? Seemed pretty high to me, like 10” +. Never seen one that high anywhere. Shame cause whoever finished the concrete did a dang good job.

  4. What a frigging JOKE..!!!!!!!! As it was they were already milking the job and taking waaaay to long to do a few freaking bus stops..!!!!
    Geezus…does anyone know what their doing nowadays..??!!!!!

  5. Is this coming out of Premier Horgan’s salary, as he was the one who rushed the project to coincide with the elections?

    • What a frigging joke,tax payer’s should not be paying for the incompetence of these idiots

  6. Seems to me there was a problem for sure! A pole in the middle of the ramp opposite the Shell station? Shoulda been their first clue. Jeez…..

    Use accessibility much? Like Every Day, heck, hire me, I could actually use the $$$, and get it done Right the First Time!

  7. I’m hoping the Sooke council didn’t
    have anything to do with it.
    Everything they touch turns out badly. I hate to see
    what the new library will look like
    I know John Horgan was part of this Transit plan. Maybe he
    can use some of the money from LNG or Site C to get it fixed.

  8. All parties involved are at fault in my opinion as it was obvious there was a design flaw when they installed the first one … best part is they still went ahead and painted them lol

  9. I just want to be the guy who said “told ya so” …specifically in another SPN article about the telephone pole in the middle of one of the wheelchair ramps up to the pad….my comment was that it was absolutely ridiculous and more of a safety problem that the ramps edge was at the corner edge of the pad at the bottom but inset from the pad by a foot at the top…a complete error. I am thinking I was totally right to point that out and i feel vindicated by this and it would rest squarely on the contractor, not a politician folks. Engineer, designer or installer: all three are contractors who should be called out for this incompetence. At the least: not paid as much..costs only.

  10. Im curious, if the company hired won the contract with an estimated dollar amount, will the company have to eat the cost or will the city?