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Business licensing options to be explored by the District of Sooke — 10 Comments

  1. Sooke is growing in a similar fashion to Langford in the past. Langford district no doubt had similar problems and found a workable solution to business licensing.
    Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, why not just follow Langford’s successful model making any required minor changes (like substituting the word ‘Langford’ for ‘Sooke’) and be done with it?
    Bylaws should only be passed if they will be enforced, otherwise adopting a bylaw, that won’t be enforced, is a waste of time for all those concerned.
    Revenue generated from Business licences shold be chanelled into business promotion and other activities that will benefit commerce in the Sooke region. Using the money for general council operations is not good use of such revenue.

  2. Yes we are still not clear if the Sooke District has granted business licences to the Pot Shops here in Sooke. They seem to be illegal every where else. It’s becoming a joke in Victoria that Sooke is the pot capital, not sure I like that much.

      • Well actually many Municipalities and Mayors have requested that the pot shops be handled by the RCMP to keep them out. Here in Sooke that hasn’t happened. Still would prefer that people come out to Sooke because they like it here instead of coming to get hassle free pot. It’s either legal and has a business licence or it’s not! We have been trying to get the druggies to leave Sooke for years.

  3. The business licence model works just fine. Do not follow in Langfordx door steps…we do not want to be like Langford no matter how much the CAO and Stew want to change us. This is a waste of time for our DOS staff…

  4. Paul, clearly the licence model doesn’t ‘work fine’, but I’d be intrigued to read how you support your claim.

    Quote from above article: ‘Staff brought forward the matter of business licensing, saying that there were a number of businesses in Sooke that haven’t registered or paid for a business licence.’

    That doesn’t seem like something that ‘works fine’ to me, nor does it feel that way to Sooke District Staff it seems as they raised the matter.

    Sooke District utilising a seemingly successful administrative method to handle business licensing from another district does not then mean that this district will end up being like Langford.

  5. Do not follow Langford! Our system works just fine. The DOS staff have nothing better to do than fix something that is not broken. Also I would also suggest that the revenue would some how go back to the business community not general coffers. It could be used by the SRTA to help continue promoting Sooke!

  6. It’ll be interesting to see how they get around the fact that pot is still illegal. Can’t say I care much for the double standard here. The shops can earn and stay open but smokers can still be arrested and end up with a criminal record.

  7. Maybe a “number of businesses in Sooke that haven’t registered or paid for a business licence” are no longer conducting business in Sooke and that could be why they haven’t done so?

    Just wondering if anyone might have thought of that.