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Business blindness needs to stop; request for public apology — 10 Comments

  1. If what Mr. Lewers is saying is true, then Sooke council must enforce its zoning policy. I wouldn’t want this business next to my place. It is unfair, potentially polluting and a danger to traffic. Bizarre that they would let this go on as long as it has.

  2. Yes good job Mr. Lewers. Why is it that the public has to do all the work and councillors just wave their hand and approve these licences to their friends. I would like to hear from each Councillor in allowing this to happen. If you voted for this you are the problem!
    We want the business shut down. We want businesses to get licences. Through the proper legal channels.

  3. This Mr. Drivers property? I fully understand the concern, don’t get me wrong, however he’s been there and operating longer than Sookes even had a council. Does this need to be addressed? Sure it does, however I think it should be worked out in favor of all parties, and not necessarily just shut down something that’s been there for over 20 years. Environmental concerns duly noted, standards and applications should be placed, and in turn he should be given the chance to meet those standards to continue what has been his livelihood… but then again, I guess that’s why Sooke got a mayor and council to begin with.

    • Just for clarity, this business has not been here longer than we have had a council. We were incorporated in December 1999 and property was purchased in fall 2000, and the building was erected in 2002. The property is and always zoned Rural Agricultural, and the business never has or will be legal in the zoning that the property has

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how long the operation has been running illegally, if council is aware of it, and does nothing, then there is no point in having a zoning bylaw. There would be nothing stopping anyone in a Sunriver type house from starting up an autobody shop, welding shop, or any other business, because if this current situation is allowed, then why would anyone else be prevented from doing the same?

    • And as mentioned, council shut down another business in Sooke 3 years ago under same circumstances. If they don’t apply the law equally to all, I would think that the land owner in that case would have a very good case to sue the DOS (taxpayers)