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Butt-flick ticket burns smoking driver — 28 Comments

  1. Loser! I would like to see them burned more! What is wrong with these people? There is NO excuse for that. And this is coming from a responsible smoker

  2. this was not a cash grab, it is a donation from a moron who should have known better. Is he going to pay to put out the fire that he might have caused all because he is an idiot. No sympathy for people like this. And a pat on the back for the police

  3. Well if that burns – send them instead the bill for extinguishing the forest fire they cause, including all personal losses to property and possession and all losses of wildlife. Maybe THAT will drive home the lesson! If your vehicle doesn’t have an ashtray either refrain from smoking or BUY ONE AT THE DOLLAR STORE. If it does have an ashtray, USE IT AND QUIT BEING AN IDIOT!!!!

  4. Second ticket? They should take him by the hand like the useless child he is, sit him down in a classroom and teach him why flicking cigarette butts out the window during wildfire season is a no-no.
    And then use his image on a PSA billboard: “I thought i was the only person that mattered. Turns out, I’m not. And being fined twice still did nothing for me. Don’t be an ignorant f**k like me, dispose of your butts properly”

    Common sense really isn’t common anymore.