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Calls for the Sooke highway to be wider, straighter and better lit — 65 Comments

  1. Transportation Minister, “well, we are investing all our money on the Massey Bridge, and Sooke didn’t vote for us, so, we’ll study the problem and get back to you.”

  2. The road is not safe at its current speed limit in many places, going over the speed limit on this road is unsafe, stupid and selfish. Good thing it was a power pole and not a someone’s family mini van .

    Road improvements will only make the speeding Asshats drive faster and stupider, and ignore the variable road conditions more than ever.

    Sooke road attracts bad drivers .Unfortunately

  3. There needs to be a second road built and bridge in and out of Sooke. And better driving. One accident like this messes up everyone else’s day and it blows if they have work or other priorities to get too!!!

  4. more lights would be nice also a few more left hand turn lanes to apease those that can’t be bothered to wait 4 seconds for some one to make thier turn. But more care and attention by drivers is what is needed!

  5. The level of driving skills has gone down in the last year. I have seen people driving out of control i.e. Fishtailing on local roads
    Although I would love to see road improvements it mainly the drivers that are the problem

  6. Drive to the road/weather conditions, keep a safe distance from the car in front and your car will never go off the road and hit a pole. Be a prat, drive too fast, tailgate and you’re asking for it!

    Suspended high voltage power cables and hitting power poles. If the pole doesn’t get you the power cables might!

    This isn’t just a motoring issue. The other point being missed in all the traffic mess afterwards are those properties/businesses in the area that lost power until around 17:30hrs because the power lines are not buried in the first place. BC Hydro need to look at Europe (let me pick Norway for example which has very rocky terrain) and see why powers lines are buried and for good reason!

  7. Sooke road really needs light all along the highway especially where you come to bends in the road. My wife and I have been visitors to the island on three occasions now. Our last visit was this past September. When a tourist comes from Victoria to Sooke for the first time especially early in the morning when it is very dark outside, there driving experience could be rather scary because most of the drive along the road is not lit up with street lights. there are markers when you come to a bend but they are not enough. What would help is if there was a street light every 100-200 meters. I recently saw a posting about a truck that hit a telephone pole and flipped on it;

  8. Move the main road behind the 17 mile pub and use the original road for East Sooke and pub access. Four lane and straighten Humpback with direct Hwy 1 access. I’ve been told they would like to Keep cars out of the watershed. What crap. They waterski on lake Mead in LasVegas.
    Sooke basin hasn’t been industrial in years. Bridge across to East Sooke through Wiffin Spit. This would also open another access. Gillespie road is another route that could currently be used as an alternate(winding crappy route), but there needs to be an LED highway sign at each end we can update to redirect the traffic.
    The dumbest thing I’ve ever noticed road designers do is place concrete barriers on road shoulders but not dividing the opposing traffic. There are no drunk trees or rocks jumping into your lane. How many cross the lines and kill innocent others? An excellent example is the corner on the Malahat at the gas station and camp ground. They put up a speed reader…it’s laughable.
    My rant

  9. I love the new paved area but I have noticed, as a passanger in at least 5 different vehicles, we need lighting or at least better reflectors /brighter lines. There are parts of Sooke rd that you can barely see the lines when it’s dark/raining.

    • I drove Sooke road in the 80’s and had no problem. Last time I was on it i thought they had straighten it out quite a bit already.
      Drunk drivers will crash on straight roads as well as windy ones, you can’t fix stupid.

  10. if you have to travel from sooke to vic everyday and you drive a non based north american vehicle such as an m b or an audi, fall off the map you immigrant, you are cheap

  11. Sooke road needs all of the Mario Andrettis out there to take your racing gloves off and drive according to the rules of the road and *poof* most of the accidents are no longer accidents.
    Its not rocket science so don’t over think the problem and solution.

  12. Slowing down will only help so much on blind corners with folks trying to pull out of their driveways and cyclists who share the road… it definitely needs improvements.

  13. My wife and I live in Manitoba. If you are caught driving dangerously, first offence is a $250.00 and doubles every time after that. If you are caught speeding at any time,automatically you receive a $179.00 fine plus a $100 fine for every 10 kmh you are over. This I kind of harsh but less and less people are being injured or killed eack year here. I am not familiar with the driving laws in BC but maybe the town off Sooke should impose something like this along with the BC government. I am not saying they need to do this but this could help.

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