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  1. All incumbants should be voted out. Two terms in office give that incumbant an indexed pension for life. There are more ex-members of both fed and prov parliaments on pension than sitting in the house.
    If anyone ever watches parliamentary debates it is like watching immature kids with name calling and denials and each opposing the other as no one wants to give the other any credibilty . The motivation is to be elected again to get the pension.
    Roman times, you do your term and then you are out. Albeit they used extreme measures but point taken.
    Then,if there is to be any change to constitution would take all provinces and territories to vote yeah. Not likely. Next a Senate, appointed for life, by previous Prime Minister would have to vote on any bill brought before parliament. Where does their loyalty lie? Can’t fire them either.
    We have no choice but to separate and form a country with new constitution based on the people not the politicians or sub-serviant to Ont-Bec